An Excellent Sample Essay About Mother

It is true that there is no match for a mother’s love. As Luffina Lourduraj put it, there is no place safer than the mother’s womb, and no person more loving than a mother. As children, and perhaps as teenagers, we seldom realize this fact, but as we grow and grow older, we realize the depth and extent of this love.

We don’t realize how quickly we grow up. It’s one day she is sending her little baby to school for the very first time, while we are crying and desperately for her to not leave us there and it’s just another day a few years down where she waits up all night, because her little one isn’t home yet. We may not understand her love until we have children of our own, or when it is too late, but sooner or later we do understand that our mothers are what have made us stronger.

Our mothers have the capacity and the patience to deal with all our problems and understand them, and help through the tough times in life. Perhaps there is no one more sincere to us in the world than our mothers. Motherhood is perhaps the toughest job in the world, which comes without a day of rest or a break, or even retirement, and no mother would deny that. The least we can do is appreciate our mothers for everything they do for us, because that’s the only thing they want in return.

I believe for me, my mother has been an inspiration for everything I do, and in everything I have achieved in life, it is not just my hard work, but her dedication, motivation and persistence as well. She has supported me in every decision I have had to face, she has guided me to make the best choice, and eased me in every difficult decision I have had to make. While we’ve always had our differences, it is no secret that she has always had my best interest at heart.

The bond I have with my mother is quiet an unusual one. While we never may seem to agree on most things, it is also true that there are few decisions I make without consulting her. From what should I wear every morning and asking for snack suggestions, to whether I should take a job, or what I should do about a difficult life decision I face, she is the one person whose opinion I cannot do without.

We do need to keep in mind that we shouldn’t take our mothers for granted, and should take every opportunity to learn from them, and to express our love for them and show affection. Most importantly, keep in touch with them when they’re growing older because that’s when they need us most.

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