A Proofread Example Of An Essay About Nature

When we step out in the mountains and experience the beauty of nature with our very own eyes, we are left in the awe of it. It is an experience that you cannot record in your phones, you have to be there in order to believe that such beauty exists. When Wordsworth explains the way daffodils sway with the wind, we enter this world that is yet to be explored. Imagine if words could make us visualize the beauty, what kind of impact the reality would have on us.

But do we really understand how lucky we are to still have the fragments of nature available for us to enjoy? Don’t you think we are selfish because we are exhausting natural resources and being unfair with our kids? There might come a time when our children’s children won’t know that a certain fish or plant species existed in the past. There is still time to conserve and save, at least what’s left of nature.

One thing that I have noticed is that the children of the 21st century have lost touch of nature. They are so engulfed by the electronic gadgets that they have lost sense of the world that exists around them. Many times we see people are busy taking pictures and making videos that they forget about their surroundings. So, it’s important that we establish a relationship with nature and enjoy its beauty.

Here is why you need to make a connection with natural surroundings a priority:

  • Imagination
  • Exploring nature gives your children’s imagination a boost, it encourages them to think out of the box. The options become limitless for them. Imagination and mystery go hand in hand, be it for literature, arts, science, or discovering. It allows your children to ask questions without being afraid. Just being in nature opens up your mind to a plethora of questions about its existence.

  • Healthy Burn Off
  • Going out in the woods allow children and adults to burn off the energy, both physically and mentally, in a healthy manner. In the technological world that we are living in today, we are limited to confined spaces with our cell phones and computers. This way our body and mind get tired and agitated. We often get cranky because of work overload and lack of physical activities, this outdoor activity helps us get back to normal and reboot our system.

  • Connection
  • One of the greatest benefits of having a connection with nature is that it teaches us empathy and compassion. Because of this disconnection between humans and Mother Nature, we have become carefree and distant of these blessings. Going back into the woods and engaging with obstacles teaches us the value of these resources that leave a lasting impression.

  • Life Skills
  • This one activity teaches children and adults lifesaving and survival skills. You can learn to light your own fire, live in the open without electric supply and identify poisonous plants from eatables.

If you wish to see a change in the world, start from your own home. Teach your children to conserve water and save energy so their kids can enjoy the nature as much as you do. We are the saviours of nature and it is upon us to guide our future generations as well.

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