An Amazing Sample Essay About Love

LOVE, this four letter word has the world spinning like a spinning top but what exactly is it? Is it a tingly sensation in our limbs or butterflies fluttering in our stomach? It could be anything, the feelings that love stimulates vary from people to people. It is a magical feeling that lets you explore yourself completely, however sometimes it destroys you entirely.

It is one of the most powerful and beautiful emotional state that one can experience. You can be completely broken inside with no hope about life, but love can fill in the voids and make you feel complete again. Love isn’t always between 2 people from different genders who wish to live together forever. Following are the different types of love according to Greek mythology:

  • Eros
  • Eros is sex driven, passionate love that is most common in today’s world. This has to do with being physically attached rather than having an emotional connection. According to several researches this type of love isn’t very long lasting. It doesn’t have a strong base to stand on hence has a higher chance of falling apart.

  • Philia
  • This type of love is completely dependent on friendship and common willingness to achieve fundamental understanding. A person is good towards the other for one of these three reasons; the person has a pleasant nature and fun to be with, he is useful for the other and beneficial, and that he is nice. The relationships based on friendship tend to be more durable and the love keeps on increasing with time.

  • Storage
  • This kind of love exists between children and their parents. It is said to be the purest form of love to date. It is born out of fondness, found in younger children mostly who are too attached with their parents that they don’t let them leave their sight. People who have the characteristics of Storage are less likely to leave the ones they share a bond with.

  • Agape
  • This type of love is different from above mentioned types, it isn’t for people that you may know. It is in fact the love for places, unfamiliar people and God. This is said to be the ‘unselfish’ love that isn’t concerned with others. It is something that has long term effects on our physical and mental health.

  • Ludus
  • This type of love is the so called pseudo liberal love that is free spirited and uncommitted. It depends on having fun with light flirting and teasing. This casual love affair is supposed to be long lasting and less demanding than other types.

Although categorising love isn’t something that we prefer, but there are types of love that have strict fundaments. In the end, what matters is that people involved in a relationship based on love are happy and fully satisfied. So aim for the beautiful things in life rather than complicating it by looking at the negatives only. Life is small and happens only once so live it to your fullest.

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