A Winning College Essay About Friendship

Friendship, one of the greatest gift humans are bestowed with, it makes us evaluate life every now and then. Like all other relationships, friendship also works on the basis of love, respect and trust. It is a give and take relation that pushes both parties to walk on parallel paths. A friend is not someone you meet only in school or college, your colleagues, relatives or companions can be your friends as well. It is a shared experience of love, trust and emotions.

A true friend gives you the space to be exactly who you are, when you are around real friends you don’t have to fake a thing. Friends stick up for each other through thick and thin. These are the ones whom we turn to when in need or the ones we run to when there is something exciting going on in our lives. It doesn’t matter how far away you are from your friend, your hearts are always connected and it feels like you are just minutes away from them. However, it is difficult to differentiate between real and fake friendships.

Real VS Fake Friends

Some people might find it hard to find true friends, but some are just lucky in that category. For those who have had their trust shattered more than once, would say that true friends are hard to come by. However those who have true friends, they would tell you how they bonded instantly over a slice of cheese cake. You may think it’s difficult to tell apart real ones, but if you keep an eye on the following traits, you might just wing it.

  • Supportive
  • A true friend will always support you in your life endeavours, even if they think it’s impossible for you to achieve. They will encourage you to try new things and step out of your comfort zone. A true friend will never tell you that you are a failure even if you are one. They just have faith in you.

  • Love you for who you are
  • You think you have a dorky personality? Guess what, your friends thinks alike. But, they will still love you whatsoever. The things you do on regular basis that may get on everyone’s nerves, is loved by your friend. It’s probably one of the reasons that made you their friend in the first place.

  • Forget and Forgive
  • Your true friends will forgive you for everything, no matter how big of a mistake you have made they will be there when you need them. With fake friends, even the tiniest of mistakes can make you lose the friendship. A friend who is ready to accept you back even after you have shattered their trust is a keeper.

  • They have your back
  • Let’s say you’re in trouble for not submitting your research paper on time, they will be willing to go to your instructor’s office and beg them to accept your paper. They’ll be ready for standing up against anyone who lays a finger on you.

It’s kind of difficult to put friendship in a weighing machine to assess its value. True friendship is priceless and hard to come by. So if you find a true friend, don’t let them go. Be the first one to apologize if you find yourself wrong and correct them if they are doing something wrong.

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