A Sample Of An Essay About Family With Fresh Ideas

Your family plays an important role in determining your personality and future. Considering that you spend the most portion of your life with your family members, including your parents, grandparents, siblings and even uncles, aunts and cousins in case of joint or extended families, your values, morals and habits are shaped and influenced by these people. The family, for most people, is a source of comfort and support in situations of happiness, discomfort, misfortune and economic depravity. Whether it is a birthday celebration or a funeral, the family comes together to support each another in glee and gloom both.

Different Kinds Of Family Units

Not everyone may have the same upbringing or living conditions as someone else; this can be because different people have different family structures they live and grow up in. Below are a few common ones one can find in our society:

  • Nuclear Family
  • It is the most common and traditional form of family containing two parents of the opposite sex and their offspring living together. This kind of family structure received a lot of esteem by society and was considered as ideal for a long time. However, the trends have slightly changed now.

  • Single Parent family
  • In single parent families, there is one parent that is responsible for one or more children. The single parent can either be the mother or the father however in reality it is more common of it to be the mother. Single parent families can be a result of nuclear families breaking down due to divorce or separation, death of a spouse or even personal choice. In these families the responsibilities of childcare, household chores and economic sustenance falls on one person, with some help from other sources.

  • Extended family
  • This involves a nuclear family living alongside other relatives such as grandparents or aunts and uncles. They all share the common goals of child rearing and house making. This type of family structure can rise from financial difficulties or even just a desire to live closer to your kin.

Things to do as a family

In today’s fast paced, modern world it has become hard to take out time out of our busy schedules to spend it with our family members. However, it is important that we do so in order to be reminded of people who are and have been there for us in times of happiness and distress. Below are a few ways one can spend quality time with his or her kin.

  • Picnics
  • Picnics are an exciting and fun way to reconnect with each another. One can go to a beautiful place with the family and enjoy delicious food, games and other activities together.

  • Travelling together
  • A vacation is not only a great way to relax but is also an amazing opportunity to spend time with family. You can travel together and learn about new places together.

Families are responsible for socializing us as responsible and functional citizens of society. Several essays and studies also indicate how families shape and nourish individuals. Hence, our families must hold a special place in our heart and lives.

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