An Amazing Sample Essay About Technology And Civilization

Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical use. A common example would be development of machinery, devices and products. Over the last few centuries great technological advances were possible. Scientific discoveries and technological developments has been the most decisive factor in influencing and shaping human civilization through ages.

The first technology which changed human existence is the technique to control fire. This led to a host of things – cooking, agriculture, metallurgical development and a host of other applications. Fire and its use also changed the way individuals behaved. It gave rise to groups, clans, societies and countries. With agriculture came trade and economy which also resulted in dominance, conquests and war. The knowledge of metallurgy helped to produce farming tools along with weapons to aid war. The strength of a population started losing out to the strength and efficiency of a technology. This trend has become stronger over centuries.

Invention of steam power in 1700s led to the transition from hand manufacturing to machine manufacturing. This had a huge impact on transportation and different manufacturing and production processes. The industrial revolution changed the lives of people and introduced newer skills. It affected the manner of trade and commerce. To find bigger markets, overseas countries were conquered and colonies formed. The benefits of the industrial revolution percolated to these colonies but this also changed the world order and balance. The world has already experienced the trauma of two world wars in the last century. The 2nd world war stopped with the use of a technology which was never seen before – the atomic bomb. Its sheer power of destruction numbed all yet newer and deadlier forms of weapons are still in development.

The advance in electronic and digital technology is the new industrial revolution. It has revolutionized communication and processing and diminished the barrier of time and space. Internet is the new ‘avatar’ of market, business, communication, entertainment and knowledge. This has also influenced or society and lifestyle. Old institutions are breaking down or are redefining themselves. Knowledge has become accessible and new professions and skills are emerging every day. We are living in a global village but have become more alone than ever. It has become easy to unite, connect and build but easier to discriminate, differentiate and destroy.

At the core of any technological invention lies knowledge. The more we know the more powerful we become. At the same time power implies responsibility. Advancements in knowledge and technological inventions are a juggernaut, impossible to stop. What we do with this knowledge and application will definitely shape our future. Technology is like a sword with a double edge – it can cut outward to conquer new frontiers but at the same time can injure us. How we hold and wield it will make the difference.

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