Great essay writing guidelines from professionals

You want to write an essay of high professional quality without any help from professionals. This is absolutely achievable if you follow the same guidelines followed by professional writers and apply yourself. Here are some of the most important ones.

Manage the time judiciously

You have a deadline for the essay, use this time intelligently.

  • Set a deadline before the submission date.
  • Identify work areas and allot time to each according to importance.
  • Make a regular routine and follow it.

Select your topic wisely

Your topic will lure the readers to read the essay. It will also determine how the article will shape up.

  • Make a list of the topics you find interesting and select those on which you have some knowledge or think important.
  • Explore these topics briefly.
  • Select the final topic and the approach on the basis of information required, available resources, time available and the approval of your faculty.

Plan your essay in details

when you explore your topic, remember to -

  • Link the information, requirements and your thoughts to form the basic structure of the essay.
  • Sort out the information according to their relevance and document them properly to use in your writing.
  • Identify the components which will form the main chapters in your essay and detail them out.
  • Use charts/diagrams or an app to organize and manage your thoughts.
  • Lay more emphasis on planning the abstract, introduction, research and summary of your essay.

Start writing the essay

Write regularly and remember to -

  • Write freely and spontaneously.
  • Follow a simple and clear language.
  • Emphasize the key points or proposition.
  • Be elaborative and explicit with the data or information.
  • Word the abstract, introduction and summery carefully.

Edit and revise

You should edit what you write regularly. While editing –

  • Keep your in perspective throughout the essay.
  • Be prepared to redo any portion for better readability and communication.
  • Check and correct all spellings, grammar and typographical errors.
  • Check for adherence to the required format and word count.
  • Include citations with proper references or check if the bibliography is in order.
  • Do a final revision of the completed essay before submitting.

Finally, stay healthy during the process.

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