A Unique Example Of An Essay About Bullying

Bullying has existed in different ways since the beginning of civilization. It has come in drastic forms, such as ancient emperors working their labourers to death, or Romans forcing people to fight one-another as a form of entertainment. In the modern world, bullying exists prominently within our social structure. It occurs in different ways; verbal, physical and even emotional. Sometimes, victims of bullying don’t even realise they’re being bullied. This is dangerous, as it prevents them from feeling the need to do anything about the mistreatment they’re receiving.

Bullying And Its Many Forms

One of the many dangers of bullying is the diversity with which it can occur. Nowadays, it can occur through different platforms, such as social media. Cyber bullying has become a growing problem with the expansion of social media. Authorities are working to control the issue, by implementing laws against bullying online, with strict punishments awaiting offenders. However, due to how vast it has become, the internet is increasingly difficult to govern and monitor.

Are You Being Bullied?

Do you regularly face verbal degradation? Is there anyone in your life who pushes you around due to their superior physique? Are you being emotionally blackmailed into doing things? These are important questions to consider, as you may unknowingly be a victim of bullying.

How To Deal With Bullying

While there is no clear-cut method to prevent being bullied, there are several things you can do to handle the situation.

Bully victims are often told to ‘ignore’ the person abusing them – and hope they stop as a result. This, in my opinion, is a wrong approach. More often than not, ignoring a bully leaves them thinking that they can get away with their actions. This may encourage them to carry on with their actions, or even do worse. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re on the receiving end of bullying, it’s important to realise that how you’re being treated is unjust. Never allow yourself to believe that you deserve how you’re being treated.

The next step is to take measures to put an end to the bullying. If you believe you’re capable of handling the situation on your own, then stand up for yourself, in attempt to make the abuser back off. However, if you feel that dealing with the situation on your own is beyond you, then don’t hesitate to take appropriate help.

If, for example, you’re being verbally or physically abused in high school, don’t be afraid to discuss the matter with your parents. The issue can be dealt with professionally through the establishment’s administration. On the other hand, if you’re facing some kind of abuse from say, a colleague at work, then raise the issue with your boss.

Unfortunately, people can be cruel and may not think twice before bullying others. It’s important to know how to, and when to, protect yourself from all forms of abuse.

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