A Properly Structured Sample Essay About Yourself

My parents tell me that I took insanely long time to write a single letter in my childhood. Completing all the letters often took almost the whole week. But I should say that I started reading quite early for my age. I could read simple story books by myself when others had them read out. At least that provided some consolation to my worried parents.

My aversion to writing continued well into junior and high school. My hand writing also became illegible – at least according to my teachers. I could read perfectly though. No amount of coaxing, sweet talking, reproach, discipline, or counselling sessions could make me write. I think at one point it also became an ego tussle – me versus rest of the world!

I went to college to study media arts. In my dismay I discovered that I have to ‘write’ scripts. But I enjoyed the sessions and some of my scripts were quite appreciated. Soon I had an offer – to develop and write some commercials on a furniture line. They became quite popular and more scripting offers poured in. They all had their own deadlines and suddenly I found myself very busy and writing around the clock.

I tried to dislodge myself consciously from only writing. By this time I have made some connections and used them to get some other work. I got some designing and directing jobs but with a rider – I have to write the script as well. I accepted but life became terribly hectic. I found myself sleeping on the sets, in office sofas and make-up vans. To top it all I again got complimented for the scripts and some more writing offers poured in.

I hooked up with a childhood buddy and went for a vacation. A few days by the sea calmed my frayed nerves and I was enjoying myself until my friend made a request. He has started a travel portal and wants an authentic write up about an actual off beat travel experience – can I do the honors? I relented but he reminded me about our long friendship and the things we’ve done together and I had to consent. I spent most of the remaining vacation interviewing, taking notes and mostly writing. My friend’s portal is doing well and he even made me an honorary contributor but somehow I don’t travel anymore.

I know that life comes in a full circle. You have to pay for your ‘Karma’ sometime in your life – but my whole life is ahead of me! I am looking for an answer! Meanwhile, I'm consoling myself with the perks of a professional writer - I write from the comfort of my home and I make good money.

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