Essay About Teachers: A Brief Example For Students

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The science practical classes in high school were generally less boring than the theory lectures. Chemical reactions were generally interesting to watch. The Biology laboratory was better with small white rats and guinea pigs. I wish I could be more enthusiastic about the Physics practical classes, but all I could see was some boring instruments. During optical experiments some prisms came which were fun in sunlight, but otherwise I was bored. I wondered why Physics needed practical classes - until I met our new Physics teacher.

He looked fresh out of university. We were apprehensive about him as he took some time to start and looked at what we were trying to do. We were getting ready to create some noise but stopped dead in out tracks as he looked up at us and smiled. There was a definite swagger as he asked us what we were doing in there – as if the physics laboratory belonged only to ones with grey matter. We were searching for an answer when he asked “don’t you know how to manipulate experiments?" We could only nod our head in negative and he seemed very disappointed. Then he said, ”Ok I’ll show you” - now we were intrigued!

Over the next hour he taught us to ‘back calculate’ from the ideal test result and manipulate the entire test settings. In the process we understood what the readings meant and where to place the prisms. We also learnt how to adjust the deviations due to manufacturing defects of the glass. Interestingly, the theories of refraction and diffraction became clear as we could relate between the theory and practical. Our knowledge went beyond the textbook as we also knew about deviations. We were ecstatic and couldn’t wait for the next practical class.

The next practical was on electronics and suddenly the dumb instruments and circuits with silly switches seemed not so dumb. The class went as expected and by the end all the terms like volt, ampere and joule made sense. Resistors and capacitors didn’t put up a resistance at all. I along with others was basking in our new found knowledge and the secret weapon of ‘manipulation’. Physics practical classes were never the same anymore.

Only after we passed out and went to college we fully understood what our physics teacher did. He ‘sold’ the subject to us, luring us to the exciting subject by dangling words we found irresistible. We felt that we were being lead to something forbidden, banned or illegal and in the process learnt the principle and practice clearly. I now understand you can manipulate things if only you know exactly how it works! Thank you sir!

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