A Captivating Essay About Social Media

Social media is like a plague that has taken over and there is no going back now. Even the strongest of us have given into the trap of staying connected and online. There are millions of websites to choose from, with countless members that are available. On daily basis millions of people share their pictures, videos and routines online. This leaves them vulnerable to cyber-crime and stalking.

Have you ever wondered what people can actually do with the information that you provide online? They can get into your homes, work places and become a threat to you and your family. With the excess of social media usage, people have started to live dual lives. People are happy pretending to be an entirely different person while sitting behind the screen. We have lost connection with the people actually existing in our lives. We are in touch with those living thousands of miles away but far from the ones sitting next to us. We have lost the essence of meet-ups and started to live this social life that has made us hollow inside.

Another issue faced by the majority of people online is the harassment. The freedom and ability to write anything or everything has taken the harassing culture to another low. Almost anything you say can go viral and have severe effects on the targeted person. Following are few of effects that social media has on the brain:

  • You Spend More
  • Marketing experts have a theory, that people who use social media more tend to spend more on things that are being advertised. You may or may not know that you lose self-control when you see the exciting deals and offers online. You eventually end up buying the things that you didn’t even need in the first place.

  • Appetite Disorder
  • When you look at hundreds of beautifully crafted food images on social media, you naturally feel hungry. You want more food and that too right away. According to researchers, when you see a tempting food image even after a meal, you instantly want to eat more. This isn’t something that can be dissed by saying that it is untrue as many believe that this has happened with them. I am sure you’ve been a victim as well.

  • Self esteem
  • Social media brings down your self-esteem! This may sound a bit straight forward and rude, but it is 100% accurate. After using social media people often compare themselves with the rest of their friends and fee less confident in their own skin. For instance, a female co-worker joined gym and within the next month had a beach body. Now, for someone who is a little over weight, this could be something that truly hurt him or her.

  • No Real Life Conversations
  • People are so occupied with staying online and connected that they forget about the people sitting with them. We often see group of friends sitting in restaurants and all busy on their cell phones, updating their social media accounts rather than actually having fun with their friends.

Despite the positives of finding a platform to voice opinions and getting in touch with friends and family, there are countless negatives attached to the word ‘social media’. We cannot emphasise enough to stay vigilant and know better than trusting everything that others have to say. With the introduction of hundreds of apps and websites each day, everyday survival has become hard. The pressure social media entails gets a little out of hand some times.

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