A Proofread Sample Of An Essay About Environment

An environment can be defined as the surroundings of a living organism, inclusive of all the physical chemical and biotic factors that determine its growth and survival. A living organism lives in its environment constantly interacting with it and responding to changes within it.

Natural And Human Environment

The natural environment includes both living and non-living things that occur naturally and interact with one another, the climate and other natural resources essential for survival. This term is most often used for the Earth. The natural environment and the ecological units that form part of it are extremely important for the natural coexistence and development of life on earth.

In contrast to this is the human environment or the built environment which includes the relationship between the natural environment and the people. It is concerned with the activities of people living in that environment, the facilities they create for themselves and the ways in which they use and transform the natural resources available to them.

Healthy Environment

There are various cycles that form part of an environment and are necessary for maintaining the balance of nature. Their effective functioning without any disturbance determines the health of an environment. When the disciplines of nature are adhered to, the environment remains healthy and the living things grow, nourish and develop.

However, with human interference and over exploitation, new technological advancements and urbanization, the environment is tempered with on a daily basis. As, humans in order to satisfy their never-ending needs and wants diminish earth’s natural resources and create air, land and water pollution, the environment starts negatively affecting our daily lives, economically, physically, socially and intellectually as well. New diseases emerge and a problem of a single community becomes an issue affecting people worldwide.

Protecting Our Environment

It is not a task of a single person, but it requires a collective action to protect out earth. However, little steps taken on an individual level can also encourage whole communities to correct their mistakes and unhealthy lifestyles. It is important to understand that without a clean and safe environment the possibility of life in the future reduces. It is our responsibility as intelligent human beings and responsible citizens to live more sustainably and campaign for environment protection. We should create new technologies that instead of disturbing the environment help in fixing the damage previously done.

We must believe that little actions such as correctly disposing of waste products, recycling, reducing usage of plastic bags, and conserving water and energy can bring about massive positive change. Generating awareness is also important and campaigns such as the World Environment day and writing informative essays are good steps towards solving this issue.

Therefore, a healthy environment is necessary for not only our own survival, but that of our future generations as well. Living conditions that are harmful for our environment or lead towards depletion of natural resources are not sustainable ways of living. Hence, corrective measure along with awareness is necessary to ensure that life grows and flourishes on earth.

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